Frequently asked questions

Do you use backup equipment ?
Absolutely. This should be an essential rule for every photographer. Although modern equpment is extremely reliable, it would be too risky to have only single camera to an entire wedding day. Equipment can not only malfunction, but also fall on ground or brake as result of spilled drink, etc. For this reason, I always carry at least two cameras include backup lenses. Right after an event, all images are saved on two, standalone harddisk and maintained for at least 6 months.

How many images will we receive ?
Of course, it depends of what exactly are we shooting. It´s hard to tell an exact number of images, because it depends of many factors, like number of guests, length of an event, etc. According to size of entire wedding day, you can expect approximately 200 to 600 images in general.

Do you take family photos during a wedding day as well ?
Yes. A wedding is exactly the right oppoturnity for this, because even the distant family members are generally present there and everyone is in formal suit. But let´s be careful. Too many family pictures can seriously hurt your wedding timeline, therefore we have to plan it carefuly before an event.

Can we share pictures on Facebook or the other social networks unlimitedly ?
Yes. Unlike many other photographers, I deliver all pictures with complete licence and don´t insist on watermark for sharing them. That means, you can share, print or edit them, as you like.

How long will we have to wait for picutres ?
Everytime, I try to deliver them as soon as possible. I know if we want something very much, that waiting seems to be endless sometimes and even a day seems like a month. But you should have all of them within 60 days.

Do you edit pictures ?
Every single shot you receive from me, is edited. Brightness, color and crop adjustments are the first steps. Wedding portraits are also retouched. That means removing unwanted elements like marks, wrinkles, teeth whitening, etc. All additional adjustments I´m choosing according to my own knowledge and practice.

Do you shoot wedding video as well ?
No, I´m not shooting video right now and I´m fully concentrating on photography. However, in case of your demand, I´ll gladly recommend you a reliable cameraman.

Can we, or other wedding guests ask photographer to show us taken pictures directly from camera ?
Please, respect that photo you can see on a display of a camera, is not a final product. Neither cook won´t serve you meal, which is not finished yet. Many of the pictures will be deleted and most of remaining are adjusted. Trust your photographer and have a pleasant surprise when you´ll see them for the first time. If you are extremely nervous about shooting, I recommend to appoint a „dating photo session“ before wedding, which is ideal for that case.

Should we ensure a meal for a photographer during a wedding event ?
Although it is not your obligation and final decision is up to you, it´s a common standard to ensure a meal for every provider present at your wedding party (DJ, music band, cameraman, photographer…). If you decide to not feed them, you should at least remind them to bring their own snack.

How long in advance should we look for a wedding photographer ?
It is wise to book your wedding photographer in the first stage of planning your wedding. Firstly, it gives you more control of your wedding budget and secondly, keep in mind that especially in busy dates (summer wedding season), it can be extremely difficult to find available last minute photographer. For that reason, I recommend to start searching for a photographer as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed. Many high profile photographers are fully booked up even more than two years ahead.

I have some other question.
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