How to proceed ?

I suppose, you´ve already seen my pictures. I recommend to visit frequently asked questions page as well, where you can find answers to a couple of most basic questions that could interest you.

In the first step, please check my availability to your wedding date at .

After my confirmation that I´m available, we can discuss the details of your wedding day and the details of my work. Following this, you will decide, if we make definite booking of your date, or you look for somebody else. In a process of booking a photographer, I recommend at least one personal appointment.

Why personal appointment ?
Meeting in person and making mutual friendship helps you to act (and to look) more natural and, of course, to be less nervous during your wedding day. We can talk about how you´ve met, talk about photo session details, your ideas of shooting, my ideas of shooting, what photography style do you prefer and many other things. As a result of this, on the wedding day, we will not be absolute strangers to each other. Approximately a month before the wedding, I´ll contact you again and we complete the timeline of your wedding day, to be perfectly prepared (what to shoot, when to shoot, meetings, transfers, etc. )

A couple of simple tips
* Portrait shooting session doesn´t have to be on a same day as the wedding.
* Dating or engagement shooting is becoming more and more popular. You can use engagement photos to a wedding announcement or to your wedding papers.
* If you don´t have any ideas about portrait session location, I can give you some tips (Košice and it´s vicinity only, sorry).
* Think about things that represent you.
* The best light to shoot outside is at so called „golden hour“ (right after sunrise or before sunset).
* If the portrait shooting session is on a same day as the wedding, it´s wise to have an alternative indoor location in case of bad weather.

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